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Party or Event Entertainment Topics

Tips for Entertaining

I have written some simple tips you should consider to ensure you will have a great party. Sometimes we forget these things all together.

Business Advice for Food Catering Services

Old Tricks to Manage Successful Food and Beverage Operations

Managing a successful food and beverage operation boils down to a few old tricks. Here is some advice from a seasoned professional.

Photographers - Weddings & Special Occasions - Questions & Answers

Wedding Planning Services - Questions & Answers

Does a wedding planner need to be licensed?

Top answer: No, never

Is it customary to tip a wedding photographer?

Top answer: No

What is the average cost of hiring a wedding photographer?

Top answer: $2,500-5,000

Cosmetologists Topics

Color Correction Might Take Several Visits

Many consumers with color correction issues don’t realize that hair color can not often be instantly reversed. It can take up to five visits for some serious color problems to be reversed. Did I say five visits?

What is Balayage?

An in-depth look at Balayage, what it is, how it works and why it's so popular.

Why Is Corrective Hair Color So Complicated?

Permanent hair color is permanent but the tone is not. The virtue in corrective hair color is patience.

Janitorial Services Topics

Cost of Janitorial Services

What is the average cost of hiring a janitorial service? Learn more about the factors that impact the cost of commercial cleaning nationwide. If you’re ready to hire, we can also help match you to a janitorial service in your local area.

Cost of Office Cleaning Services

Find out how much office cleaning services cost. Find estimated local rates and learn more about the factors that impact the cost of each cleaning visit.

Maintenance of Waxed Floors in Your Business

How to maintain your waxed floors and the impact it has on your business.

Are janitorial service providers required to perform background checks on their employees?

Top answer: Yes

Can a janitorial services contract be applied to multiple locations?

Top answer: Yes

Can mopping with hot water damage waxed tile flooring?

Top answer: Yes

Do janitorial services typically provide their own cleaning supplies?

Top answer: Yes

Do most janitorial services use "green" (eco-friendly) cleaning products?

Top answer: Yes

Do office cleaning typically companies work during the work day or after office hours?

Top answer: Either one

Do you need a specific license to perform janitorial services in a medical care facility?

Top answer: No

How do janitorial service companies typically charge for their services?

Top answer: Per sq foot

How long does it typically take to clean a 5,000 square foot office with 4 crew members? (dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal)

Top answer: 1-2 hrs

How long does it typically take to clean an 10,000 square foot office with 4 crew members? (light dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal)

Top answer: 2-4 hours

How Much Does Restaurant Cleaning Cost?

Is a license required to perform office janitorial services?

Top answer: Always

Is a long term (> 6 months) contract required to secure office janitorial services?

Top answer: Most of the time

Is carpet cleaning typically included in the cost of commercial cleaning services?

Top answer: Never, it is an additional charge

Is it important for a janitorial service company to belong to a trade union or professional association?

Top answer: Not important

Is it important for janitorial workers to be bonded?

Top answer: Very Important

Is medical facility cleaning more expensive than traditional office cleaning?

Top answer: In most cases

Is the waxing and buffing of floors typically included in the cost of janitorial services?

Top answer: Never, it is an additional charge

Is there an additional charge if cleaning services are needed on short notice? (less than two days)

Top answer: In some cases

Is window washing typically included in the cost of commercial cleaning services?

Top answer: Never, it is an additional charge

It is important to hire a janitorial services company that is properly licensed and insured?

Top answer: Always

Should waxed floors be cleaned with hot or cold water?

Top answer: Cold water

True or False: The use of "green" cleaning products is more expensive than standard products.

Top answer: True

What is the best way to clean waxed vinyl flooring?

What time of day are most janitorial services performed?

Top answer: Evening (5 pm to 8 pm)

Will janitorial services handle junk or bulk trash removal as a part of their standard service?

Top answer: Never, it is an additional charge

Other Event Planning Topics

Attention all Real Estate Professionals!

Have you seen all that SendOutCards can do for you? In today’s world it’s all about the relationships! People want to know that YOU really care about them and appreciate your relationship with them.

"Bridezilla" or "Not Bridezilla"

You do not have to become one,....

Caesar Salad

Some people are leery of using raw eggs in their cooking. I like to use them for their protein content, though would only use them if coming from a trusted source. Utilize sites like the Weston A Price Foundation for accredited farms to purchse your eggs from.

Celebrate like it was your 15th in 2015!

Creative idea for celebrating a birthday in 2015

Couture Cocktail Garnishes - The Centerpiece Of Your Celebration

Oh so chic. Oh so captivating to look at. Oh so delicious to drink. Amaze your guests with these Couture Cocktail and Beverage Garnishes. We call them the 'Centerpiece of your Celebration', you will call them the 'wow factor' that has been missing from your wedding decor.

Homemade Granola

Granola can be a great health food, though buying it in the store isn't always the best idea. Boxed granolas tend to be loaded with sugar...try this recipe for an at home and healthier version...with NO sugar!

How to Choose a Limousine Service for Prom Night

Prom is one of the most memorable events of your school years. Reserving a limousine can add that special touch to make the evening more elegant and memorable.

Kitchen Compost Pail

Kitchen composting, for some reason, can be an overwhelming task for people. I find it super easy…I’m in the kitchen cooking anyway and I need to throw the food scraps somewhere, right? Why not throw them into a compost pile instead of the trash?

Maid service

Make Easy Maid is licensed insured and bonded our house cleaning professionals maids are all bonded and insured to protect you and your home. For your safety, we screened all of our maids. Maids will provide all their cleaning supplies

Personalized Ribbon

This article gives one ideas how to make the gifts special by adding personalized ribbon to it. It also describes the meaning of different colors

Pinto’s and Polenta

This is one of those meals that as a pregnant or new mama, you’ll either eat or won’t depending on what baby thinks is okay...but who doesn't love Mexican?

Remove Odors in Plainfield, Aurora, and Naperville

We take the odors that happen in life.

Stormy Weather Wedding and Dealing with an Experienced Event Photographer

When all else fails, someone with a bag of tricks wins!

There’s Something about her Hair

Great hair coloring and makeup advice from Joseph Kellner in Orlando, Florida 32836

Top Ten Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Wedding Photographer

Choosing the "Right" wedding photographer may be a difficult task. Here are the top ten most important questions to ask a photographer to make sure you get the best photographer.

What's In Your Water?

What Can You Do: Drink Kangen alkaline water - Great-tasting healthful drinking water that promotes optimal hydration ( the pH ranges from 8.5 to 9,5 for optimal hydration.)

Why is my hair color not always the same?

Great Haircolor and Makeup Advice from Joseph Kellner In Orlando, Florida 32836

Wildly Romantic Wedding Photography...or not....

When you open a bridal magazine, or planning book you see intensely romantic, sometimes even mildly erotic bride and groom portraits.

Related Questions & Answers

Is it customary to tip a professional cleaning service?

Top answer: No

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